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” is one of the architecture neutral software product developed by Kaizen Technologies Inc., USA.

The product aims at achieving a monitoring system for heterogeneous application servers with web based dashboard. With enterprise applications playing a vital role in mission-critical business processes, managing their performance and availability is becoming more important.

Failure of key applications and services, even for a short time, can be devastating in terms of cost, market position, and long-term business viability. In the current scenario, most organizations must contend with growing complexity and constant change, and avoid making failure much more likely.

The rigors of competition, regulatory compliance, and a dynamic marketplace promise that these trends will continue to escalate along with the need to reduce costs and lower risk.

ZenEagle uses Java as the technological glue to bind together new and legacy applications and deliver greater responsiveness to users. ZenEagle provides a unified console to get the most out of these integrated applications for effective real-time tracking and monitoring.

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