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Java Infrastructure Monitoring…. Made Easy

Primary Components
ZenEagle consists of four major components; Agent, Controller, Controller Web and GUI. To ensure a high level of security, communication between these components is encrypted. Use of open standards allow for clear path for interoperability.

A core component deployed on to the servers; which gets management level information of all the JVMs (java processes) that are running on that server.

A Centralized component responsible for interacting with the multiple components of the product and connects multiple Agents running on different servers and maintain centralized collection of information from different agents.

Controller Web
A component which acts as an adaptor between Controller and the GUI and responds to the GUI request via REST based web services. Controller Web interacts with the controller to process the requests through RMI.

A web based User Interface that represents the data/statistics collected by agents in a User-friendly graphical representation.

GUI Administration:
User Administration (Manage Groups, Roles, Users etc…)
Mbean Administration (Super User/Administrator)

GUI General Data Section:
Dynamic Data (Through various types of graph)
Static Data (Through a tabular format)
GUI Custom View Section (Allows users to customize his view)


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